human creative neoyogini

Who am I?

I suppose you’re assuming I’m ‘Jazmin Ali’. Very correct.

Beyond that?

I couldn’t tell you for certain, but that’s partially what I’m here to find out. I can tell you the basics – early 30s, loves to travel and explore, plays guitar, loves singing and dancing, painting and has many, many skills.

Self-classified as a neoyogini, always on a deep dive into the secrets that underpin reality and our relationship with that reality.

In the last few years discovering and reconnecting with the body as not just a vessel and vehicle, but a home to cherish and love.

Won’t you join me?

It’s all personal

There’s more to life than work, but I made a promise to myself to create more balance.

Monetising my passions and life experience has been the only way I’ve found to cope with life on my personal journey, and you can find me offering:

  • Yoga / meditation / healing
  • Coaching and consultancy
  • Art
  • Customised and handmade clothing
  • Website design

and anything else that feels right!

Online offerings

The web is my moodboard…


A hub for all my scheduled group yoga activity. Includes calendar of events and descriptions of what’s on offer, including options to book in for private (group) sessions. More focused on the physical side of practice.


I wanted a space to go deeper. Increasingly frustrated with the quality of what people were asking for in classes and studios and gyms, it felt important to me to separate out scheduled repeated classes and a more bespoke approach to yoga study and practice. Find here more details on yoga as a coaching method and for those more advanced students workshops and retreats, or for retail management consultancy (trust me, it works!) More focused on self-study.


For all my wares. I’m a creative soul, but continually making things means accumulating stuff which requires physical space I don’t have. Find paintings, books, lotions and potions, customised clothes and anything else I feel like doing.

Love Jaz


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