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Pose of the month December 2019


Natarajasana, or Lord of the dancer’s pose is a homage to Shiva, Lord of yogis. But, since Jesus Christ was also known as Lord of the Dance, I thought we’d mashup the two mythologies and celebrate with a dance! This pose is challenging and builds strong legs, good balance and an open back. Want to

Show me some yin (yoga)

Yin Yoga

A gentle reminder to slow down! Some of you are teachers, some students, some casual yogis and some of you devoted family members. Whatever your experience, here’s my simplified explanation: Yin is defined in its contrast to yang. “Yang” yoga is still considered an active style that might be more cardio than zen, like vinyasa

Fear no low vibe

Good vibes only. Have you ever heard that saying? What an amazing way to live life, and I’ve definitely met people who seem show the appearance of this. It’s not possible at Christmas. I’m telling you this from the experience of a woman very much embedded within her birth family this and last Christmas. Christmas

How to break a taboo

What is a taboo? Most people tend to think solely about sex in relation to taboos, but actually taboos can be any number of actions, behaviours or thoughts that are forbidden to a person or set of people. In my study of tantra the past few years, and having been introduced to various lineages, I’ve

Christmas Gifting Guide 2019

A grateful heart

For me, gifts at all times are best given from the heart. I don’t preference fancy gadgets and tech or designers, or anything really, having spent a good deal of my life in the lower end of the budget many of the gifts I’ve given people have been homemade, upcycled, embellished and given with a