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Christmas Gifting Guide 2019

For me, gifts at all times are best given from the heart. I don’t preference fancy gadgets and tech or designers, or anything really, having spent a good deal of my life in the lower end of the budget many of the gifts I’ve given people have been homemade, upcycled, embellished and given with a great deal of thought.

Here are my top Christmas gift ideas for 2019:

Homemade paleo chocolate fudge

Christmas is a time to indulge, and I’m not 100% sure what exactly constitutes a paleo diet, or why it’s better than any other diet (if someone wants to explain this to me, please go ahead I just eat intuitively and like chocolate) and this doesn’t have the texture at all of fudge, it’s definitely like a weird ganache. But, it’s yummy and made of raw ingredients, so how bad could it be?


Something I made

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Something you made

Do you have a creative passion? Sometimes the best way to express your love is through giving a homemade Christmas gift. We all have so many belongings, some of my most treasured possesions include drawings and books with beautiful messages from my loved ones.

Something your child made

Christmas can mark a time of year that creates an awkward need to give unnecessarily. But, our children are adorable and can create the most heartwarming Christmas gifts.

Don’t have a child? Steal one!

Just kidding, but this leads me onto my next point…

An experience

For my last birthday I got together with some of my family and we had a sewing party. The idea was to create some cute little crop tops and bralettes. Nothing actually got made until the morning after, a little bag for one of the kids but everyone had fun. If sewing isn’t your thing, buy some pastels, some paints or crayons and start getting arty.

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