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Show me some yin (yoga)

A gentle reminder to slow down! Some of you are teachers, some students, some casual yogis and some of you devoted family members. Whatever your experience, here’s my simplified explanation:

Yin is defined in its contrast to yang. “Yang” yoga is still considered an active style that might be more cardio than zen, like vinyasa flow. Despite this, most yoga is supposed to be practiced with a “yin” attitude.

What is a yin attitude?

A yin attitude is a devotional calm manner and precisely executed movements. It is what separates movement from meditative practice.  This could come from a single breath to drop down into the body and slow, or perhaps seated meditation.

But what is yin yoga?

Yin yoga is usually categorised as longer holds in yoga asana that require mental engagement from spaces other than the musculature of the body.

To be simplistic, I often divide this between “yin” and “restorative yin”. “Yin” would still require muscle control and “restorative yin” uses props to permit gravity to melt open the body.

Yuletide Yin

Incorporating rest and longer holds into your routine increase the meditative and physical challenge that practice can give you.

Any yogi will tell you that their practice and body started to change dramatically when they slowed things down.

So, as a little winter treat, here’s one I made earlier! Enjoy a short 15 minute restorative yin yoga sequence, easy to slide into your day, with extra energy-healing goodness:

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