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Start with gratitude, end with love

‘A grateful heart’ is my debut, self-published journaling guide which has been inspired by my yoga practice, and in particular my departure from a strict and timetabled practice.

This book contains heartfelt practices that will help you to start your day feeling all the warmth and love you need to get through. For beginners, the instructions are easy enough to follow even if you have no prior knowledge or experience, and for more advanced…


This was my practice. Not exactly but, what do you do when you know you cannot practice? Many of you who do this deep transformational emotional work know that sometimes you need a break. When you are extremely out of balance – during bereavement, pregnancy, extreme emotional upheaval, transition, constant travel etc. yoga practice, a fully factored strong and consistent practice is not just impractical but inadvisable. Anything you do within the container of practice amplifies.

So for me last year, losing someone very close to me I felt grief ripple out both ways and it completely shattered my ability to practice. And everything in me wanted to do something everyday, I was depleted I was completely broken and I was totally wrecked. But I knew, I could not be this yogi I wanted to be. I had to do something else.

So you’ll find in this book some of the most powerfully nourishing ways to start your day. They’re all focused on filling and opening your heart, and guaranteed I try to start every day with gratitude. Saying thank you, counting your blessings – whatever you call it reminds you of your own abundance. Reminds you of your own joy.

I wholeheartedly believe in feeling into every emotional journey, up or down we are here to feel them all. But to linger in despair if you don’t have the time, you have to remember there’s more to life. That’s what this journal is, a pick me up every morning so that you can start your day without a bad mood. It invites you to notice your irritations, your bad days, your upsets. And acknowledge them. And let them go.

Previously my intention was to set up an online community on Facebook, but since my departure from online social media platforms you can join a privately hosted community to connect with peers. Or you can always drop me a line.

Today I am grateful for YOU!

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