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Winter Workshops

For the first time ever in the UK I will be offering solo workshops! I’m so excited to bring these to you.

December 14th 2019

 I’ve been working hard with other wonderful collaborators in the UK and abroad to solidify an offering that meets my expectations and hopefully will give you the most magical, relaxing and transformational experiences.

The location

Situated in London zone 5, with a free off-road car park and a three minute walk from a train station, I’ve made sure everyone is catered for.


What is Morphology? A deeper look at your physical yoga practice, using asana as a container for introspection. We keep the sequences simple, but the quality of movement high. Slowly transitioning from one pose to another, breathing deeply we learn not only flow but stability.

Begins with a soothing wave breath to coax you in, this is a yang style of yoga dressed in yin.

Endless Embodied Savasana

Quite possibly my most favourite restorative yin session to teach, the requirements on this one are low. Show up, lie down, and receive healing! Listen and work with me through a beautiful meditation that places you very firmly in the body, and then learn to let it all go in a medley of resting poses.

Both workshops are designed to be for all levels, whether these are your first few classes or you’re an experienced practitioner.

And that’s not all! Immediately after Morphology join me for a very warming and festive, but light buffet supper.

Your beautiful children…

Are very much invited to come along to this space at no extra charge. There will be a designated and supervised play area for those aged 5-13, however they are welcome to join in with as much of the yoga as they wish. They are welcome to eat as well – and this will be offered on donation basis but you must book them when you purchase your spot.


Super Early bird (booking & payment before November 10th)

  • £20 per workshop
  • £10 supper
  • £45 the whole day

Early Bird (booking and payment by December 1st)

  • £20 per workshop
  • £10 supper
  • £50 the whole day

Standard entry and on-the-door

  • £25 per workshop
  • £10 supper

(sorry – if you just show up we can’t cater food for you L)


Please arrive 15 minutes before we begin to allow you to settle in

  • 1.30pm Morphology
  • 3.00pm Supper break
  • 4.15pm Endless Embodied Savasana

I really hope to see you there. If you’re interested and need more information, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

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